Kicking off this brand new blog we will begin with none other than Tottenham”s newest son, Abra Cadabra.
Since 2015 this talented rapper has taken the UK scene by storm & Has been relentless in his efforts to up his game and continue to evolve as an artist. Exemplified by his Mobo award victory with such a short time in the game, which is an impressive feet.
His black box, can only be described as a showcase of lyricism. His viral Hit Robbery dominated online, catching the attention of the arguably the most lyrically gifted UK based rapper’s in Krept and konan although they need no introduction.
What make’s this young man special is not only his natural talent, not only his ability to showcase versitility in his songs, but the feel of his songs and his performances. Abra cadabra has a presence on the mic and on stage, and with a little more work, will be able to control a room like fekky or giggs.
If he continues to make Hits, stay relevant, work even harder then 2017 will belong to this man. Here at Rap Guru we see more hits in this young mans future. God bless the competiton.


JANUARY 21, 2017