If you are an avid watcher of link up TV,  SBTV, GRM daily and especially Bl@ckbox then you need no introduction to Berna. In our humble opinon, it is Burna who holds the title for “best Bl@ckbox freestyle”. To anybody who appriciates bars, delivery,flow, lyricism and a strong pen, it is evident that nobody has been able to dethrone him. In addition to this, he also has many freestyles on the aforementioned platforms that are close tho that level but not quite as impressive.
It is very easy to see that this man is a young, raw talent that with the right guidance and push can break into the mainstream and increase his following, exemplified by his latest freestyle on ReprezentRadio, which is currently receiving a lot of well deserved love and praise online. However, our only criticism of this young man is his lack of production in terms of songs.He can rap, no question, he is talented, no question, very uderrrated, no question, but we need to see this talent translated onto songs, thus allowing him to extend his reach further than the internet. If Berna is able to produce a song that dominates the clubs when it is played ( his following is big enough to blow up a tune ), maybe with the right features or a song that forces other artists to jump on a bandwagon style remix then he WILL be a success.

In conclusion we feel that this man deserves a lot more credit and we hope 2017 can be his year to put in work in the booth and hopefully give us a project in the form of a mixtape or a small EP.