One Acen is an artist out of hertforshire whos local reputation precedes him. Starting out as a grime musician he made a seemless transition into Rap music. Becoming a household name on big media platforms most notably Link up TV, not only is he an accomplished song writer/ recorder, he is also a full fledged and decorated engineer/producer who is said to be able to create a beat from start to finish,from scratch in 10 minutes. An impressive feat indeed. Acen has been recording and producing quality music for 10+ years, and his consistancy is evident in his projects like his EP ‘beneath'( avaliable on iTunes ) which was well written, well produced and well executed in our estimation. The thing that makes Acen Stand out and stand apart, is the fact that he is just as, if not more talented than the majority. He is more educated in the inner workings of what makes great music great. He is a showman and born entertainer, this is demonstrated in a lot of his music videos, his instagram ect, giving an air of quality without breaking a sweat. His latest song ‘pattern’ is another quality release that has become a favourite of a sizeable chunk of our team at UKRG and if you have a chance check it out. Our greatest disappointment with Acen is the fact that he hasn’t been picked up yet by a major or big independent label. If I could sign this artist I would, if not as a rapper as a producer, a ghost writer and if not a that then A&R. We hope that OneAcen continues the work rate in 2017, we also hope to see more projects, more releases and more of his signuture catchy hooks and his continued evolution away from the ordinary. Take a look at his projects, listen to his music and let us know what you think.


Beneath EP – ITunes